How do you know which dining table shape is best for you? There is more to it than simply favoring one shape over another. Not that your choice for one shape over another is unimportant, but there are a handful of other considerations.


The most popular and functional shape for large groups. They function particularly effectively in rectangular rooms. The table’s linear design allows for plenty of walking space around it. When you have a rectangular dining table, the central serving platter arrangement is ideal. 

When you add chairs to this form table, it may grow quite large, and space might become an issue. To address this, just add long benches instead of separate chairs, which can be easily pushed under the table when not in use. This will make more room. If there are four persons in the household, choose a rectangle shape with a 36″ broad table.

Credit: House Beautiful

Credit: House Beautiful


Is your dining room rectangular? Then you might choose a square-shaped dining table. It adds symmetry to the room and is ideal for those intimate dinners. A square dinner table places everyone in an equal conversational and seating arrangement from one another. 

When you have a larger group of people, there are dining tables that can readily expand their surface space with additional extensions. This pedestal storage dining table will help you save a lot of room. Refer to the size chart below to determine what size square dining table is best for your household.


Round dining tables work perfectly in small rooms. When you need more seats, you can always fit in more chairs. The round sides of the dining table are ideal for children. Choose a round table if you want adaptable dining furnishings! They are ideal for cozy dinners and look well in any room shape. 

Because there is no head of the table, round dining tables feel very relaxed. Everyone at the table can see and talk to one another. Large round tables are also available for large gatherings, however attendees may feel isolated from one another.

Credit: Living etc

Credit: Living etc


Oval dining tables are comparable to rectangular ones, however they have somewhat different dimensions due to their rounded corners. The oval is a fascinating form that may add a lot of warmth and aesthetic appeal to your dining room. 

The semi-circular ends give the impression that the dining table is smaller. This design, like round dining tables, provides more closeness and flexibility while dining. If necessary, the rounded ends can accommodate more chairs. The circular shape balances the design components in the dining room.

Furniteak Teak Root Dining Table And Chairs

Shopping for dining room furniture is an adventure. Visualizing the shape and scale changes everything. Spend some time deciding on the appropriate dining table.

Furniteak Furniture is a range of naturally durable and elegant Indonesian teak root furniture.

This furniture was handcrafted from the best teak root found in Indonesia and chopped into lengths that may be enhanced with curves before being molded into beautiful forms and designs.

The finishing process elevates this natural product, as each piece is uniquely polished with a high-quality wax oil to provide a long-lasting protective layer.

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