Having a huge living area frequently comes at a higher cost. Whether renting or purchasing a property. Premium places come at a premium cost! Especially in major cities such as London, Los Angeles, and New York, among others.

And many of us are becoming accustomed to living in ever-smaller quarters. Understandably, we’re always looking for ways to make our room appear larger. However, there are other reasons why we should accept a little space.


In principle, staying organized should be easier in a smaller space. Good storage is essential in every living area, but especially in a tiny one. Anything you are contemplating purchasing should be properly considered. Do you truly need it? And will it fit? A smaller space forces you to declutter on a regular basis.

Credit: roohome

Credit: roohome


A little room feels much more comfortable and intimate. To personalize your room, simply add a splash of hygge inspiration with soft furnishings and home decor. To make your environment all yours to fall in love with.


Okay, there are two ways to look at the decoration aspect. One advantage of decorating a tiny space is that you don’t have to fill up a large room. Another way to look at it is that because it is a smaller room, you can afford more expensive furniture and finishes.

In a tiny kitchen or bathroom, for example, a more expensive tile or marble. Even modifying specific parts may be advantageous in a limited area.

It all depends on which side you fall on and how long you envision yourself living where you are now. In my perspective, it’s a win-win situation in either case!

Credit: archify

Credit: archify


Less square footage means less cleaning! In a larger house, once you’ve cleaned from top to bottom, it’s time to start over!


Because you have a smaller home, your utility bills should be lower. Even though your space has an open floor plan, it will be less expensive to heat during the winter months.

In addition to other wear and tear, simple ordinary maintenance that is unavoidable over time will cost less money.

Overall, we should appreciate whatever size room we have and make the most of where we are right now. And going smaller has advantages!

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Having a small space doesn’t mean you’re stuck to be creative! 

Having a tiny place doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! You may still develop your decorating skills by selecting the appropriate furniture for your little home.

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