In terms of fashion, black has long been the go-to color. It’s sleek, stylish, modern, and ageless all at the same time. It may be worn with anything. That is also how black is being used in home decor. With black kitchen ideas becoming increasingly popular. Kitchen design is shifting away from all-white layouts, with somber and dark colors making an appearance.

For ideas and inspiration, here are some of the best black kitchen designs. 

Credit: homestratosphere

Credit: homestratosphere


Even in a small kitchen, blending black with brick may make it feel cozy and useful without being too dark. It’s the kind of kitchen you’d want to spend all day in!

Another loft kitchen design that works just as well on a larger scale. I like how the decor is more industrial. It is wonderfully suited to apartment living.

Combining a light rustic textured wood in the kitchen with black cabinetry creates a beautiful blend of modern and traditional style.

Black Cabinet

Of course, utilizing black for your kitchen cabinetry is far less frightening when paired with white. Choosing light ceilings and black floors offers the ideal balance.

Using black for the cabinetry is sometimes the best option. I like how the white sloping ceiling contrasts with the black linear work surface.

Credit: bostonmagazine

Credit: bostonmagazine

Layering Black

The texture and pattern of the tiles complement the matte black cabinetry and appliances in this modern design. They made a daring choice for this design by painting the ceiling black to match the cabinetry.

A kitchen that is entirely black matte adds depth to the space. The majority of the room is black, including the ceiling and walls, with a white entrance punching through the area.

Mixing It Up

When it comes to utilizing black in the kitchen, it doesn’t have to be overpowering. Even with a black floor and veined black marble surfaces, as well as warm wood tones and white walls, the space is nevertheless light and airy. This kitchen is dramatic and strong, with textured black walls and lovely oak floors. A really unique and imaginative take on the typical modern kitchen design. 

Having black cabinetry is the ideal complement to a white-painted kitchen! The wooden herringbone floor gives the room character and warmth. Do you think you’d paint your kitchen all black?

Furniteak Teak Root Dining Table

The naturally sturdy and lovely Furniteak Furniture line is made from Indonesian teak roots. 

This furniture was made from the finest teak root that could be obtained in Indonesia, which was then hand-cut into lengths that could be emphasized with curves and then fashioned into lovely patterns and decorations. 

The finishing procedure elevates this natural product because each piece is individually polished with premium wax oil to form a robust protective coating.

Decorate your home with teak root furniture from Furniteak. Beautifying your home has never been so easy and cheap.

Give your room an exclusive impression with selected high quality teak root furniture. It is harvested from hundreds of years old teak, touched and made by teak root craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience.

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