A dining table can be an expensive purchase that should not be made on a whim! There are numerous factors to consider.

Budget, space, and activities On Pinterest, I’ve seen a number of dining rooms with oval tables recently. From contemporary dining rooms to kitchen banquettes.

And I love the shape and style it adds to the room. Without any sharp corners, an oval table is a little softer on the eyes and simpler to navigate the surrounding space. It could be the ideal table shape for your dining room.

Choosing an oval table provides you twice the length of a rectangle table. But with the convenience of a circular table. You can squeeze a few extra chairs around it if necessary, and the form lends it a bit more intimacy and gentleness.

Why Choosing Oval Dining Table

An oval table will undoubtedly make a statement in your dining room, as it should! Because it is the major focal point of the dining area. The oval shape is distinctive and one-of-a-kind. It is a statement piece of furniture that adds visual appeal while breaking up any harsh edges in the space.

If you enjoy entertaining, an oval table may be the ideal option for seating more people. Especially if it has an extension leaf. Style and functionality in one! Remember to allow for the full length of the table when fully extended so that it fits in the room rather than just its regular size. You want to be able to use it whenever you need to!

Credit: homestratosphere

Credit: homestratosphere

Tips to Choose Right Oval Dining Table

  • Examine the area where your dining table will be placed. Is it a formal space, or will it be part of a more open area where everyone lives on a daily basis? This will determine which material is ideal for the table.
  • The table’s foundation has a significant impact on how many people can sit at the table. A pedestal base is typically placed in the center of the table so that it is out of the way and does not impede seating.
  • When selecting chairs to put around your oval table, remember to measure the height of the chairs. Particularly if you’re thinking about dining chairs with arms.
  • The apparent weight of the chair is also crucial. The scale and size of the chair are important since you don’t want it to appear too large and heavy with the table.
  • Remember to include in the space required on either side of the chairs. To allow you and your guests to enter and exit without hitting your arms and elbows!

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