Despite being on the exterior of your house, your patio should flow naturally from the rest of it and feel like an extension of your design philosophy, not an afterthought. If you want a place to relax with a book or eat outside, a patio that has been thoughtfully and intentionally furnished can make all the difference.

These little patio designs are ideal all year round, from the warmest days to the chilliest nights. For ideas on how to build a patio fit for a vacation right outside your back door, click through.

Add Slove

Installing a wood-burning stove on your small patio is a terrific way to transform it into a year-round getaway. A tiny burner on this inviting patio is ideal for toasting marshmallows and keeping warm when the weather turns chilly.

Credit: gardenerspath

Credit: gardenerspath

Hang Projector 

There’s a reason why we adore drive-in theaters; there’s something so calming about seeing your favorite movie outside in the open air. Your little patio can be transformed right away into an outdoor cinema by hanging a projector outside.

Potted Greenery

The same applies to the outside, much as a potted houseplant can make an indoor space feel finished and welcoming. To make the most of the warm summer months, add a charming planter to a patio seating area and fill it with a hardy succulent or cactus.

Reading Nook

It’s good to have a quiet spot where you can unwind, read, and have a cup of coffee. Even if there isn’t much room for furniture on your patio, a modest reading chair can provide a wonderful outdoor retreat.

Credit: Lowe's

Credit: Lowe’s

Cover up Roof

No matter the time of year or the weather, this is a fantastic technique to prolong the life of your patio. If you want to easily add some protection from the weather without spending a lot of money on a complete porch repair, cover a wooden pergola with a sheet of polycarbonate plastic.

Al Fresco Dining

Consider how you will use your little outdoor space when decorating it. If you enjoy eating outside, replace the outdoor couch with a dining table so you can host dinner parties all summer long. For individuals who desire a lounge space but still need a location for snacks and beverages, an extra-large coffee table is a perfect option.

Furniteak Teak Root Patio Furniture

Without outdoor furniture, a patio is just a yard. Outdoor furniture is a requirement if you want to make the most of your deck or backyard. So grab a chair outside and have a look at Furniteak Furniture. 


We have what you need, whether you’re looking for a patio table, some outdoor chairs, or a full patio set. Bistro sets and other small-space furniture are intended for balconies and tiny porches.

For people who live in apartments, townhomes, or in the city, small patio furniture is ideal. Small front porches make the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee, and three-piece bistro sets are perfect for them.

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