There’s nothing quite like enjoying your own outdoor space at home, whether you have a large, lush garden or a patio the size of a postage stamp. Anything is possible with fantastic outdoor furniture designs.

From enjoying the morning bird show from a bistro table breakfast place to relaxing on a swing seat with a nice book – even sitting around a comfy dining table so you can enjoy the warmer weather as you dine.

From family gatherings and alfresco dining to a solitary mid-morning coffee outside, our gardens must work hard to meet all of our demands. The sort of outdoor furniture we select is critical to making any outdoor space more functional.

Credit: architecturaldigest

Credit: architecturaldigest

Create an Outdoor Living Room

With our outdoor areas being used as an extension of our homes, it’s no surprise that we’re transforming them into exact duplicates of the living spaces we have inside, ready for us to socialise, work, and entertain.

Consider these places to be indoor living rooms, with objects such as an L-shaped sofa, a coffee table, rugs and pouffes, and even a mirror on the wall and levels of lighting.

Use soft furnishings such as pillows and blankets to create the ultimate outdoor living room. Adding lights to the garden is another important aspect of creating a cozy outdoor space. Using warm-toned lighting helps to create a warm, inviting mood in a typically chilly location.

Build Bench Seating

Built-in seating works brilliantly in a small garden, but it’s not the only place where it shines… This form of seating has a modern appeal because of its sleek, minimalist lines, and it can also provide additional storage if desired.

Credit: mydomaine

Credit: mydomaine

Consider putting planters into the top of the backrest for plants and shrubs, as well as a lift-up seat cover to store cushions when not in use – and make sure the seat itself is deep enough to be comfy whether you’re sitting or laying on it!

Find Room For A Bistro Table

Sometimes the best spot for breakfast in the morning isn’t the best spot for your dining or sofa set, so why not add a bistro table and chairs to the mix and use them to have breakfast as the sun rises, or a glass of wine at the end of the day?

Bistro sets are also ideal for tiny outdoor locations where larger pieces of furniture would be too large.

Furniteak Teak Root Garden Table

When purchasing garden furniture, it’s critical to ensure that it can withstand the elements, from continual sun to the occasional summer shower or midnight frost.

Wrought iron and strong woods, such as teak and eucalyptus, are long-lasting options, although softer woods will likely require ongoing treatment to keep furniture in good shape.

Yes, you can select from our teak root options. At Furniteak, we take pride in importing teak root furniture directly from Indonesia.

Our teak root furniture is dried to perfection and taken by skilled craftsmen and artists who add their unique touch, making each piece of wood art a work of art. 

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