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Teak Root Glass Coffee Table: Where Should It Be Placed? 

Don’t leave the job of organizing your living room to chance – following a few fundamental design principles will pay off regardless of the size and form of the space.

Along with the sofa, the placement of your coffee table will create the backbone of the overall aesthetic of your living room plan, not to mention the manner you can use it. 

Positioning your coffee table, a piece of furniture that, when well-chosen, may become the main point of the room, in the wrong spot can make or break the way the space flows.

Where to Place Coffee Table (Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson)
Where to Place Coffee Table (Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson)

The Room’s Center

In most circumstances, the optimal location for a coffee table is in the center of your living room. However, in long, narrow, or L-shaped living rooms, there may be more than one apparent center point. In this instance, it is preferable to place your coffee table nearest to your sofa and armchair arrangement. A coffee table in the center of your seating area generates a convivial, welcoming atmosphere in the space.

Focal Points Coffee Tables 

Some rooms have natural, built-in focal points, such as a magnificent fireplace or a large picture window, in which case the furniture serves as a support act rather than a leading part.

However, choosing a coffee table as a focal point is a good decision, especially given its central location in the space.

Teak Root Glass Coffee Table (Credit: cornwallglass)
Teak Root Glass Coffee Table (Credit: cornwallglass)

Coffee tables with powerful, eye-catching shapes, such as an oval coffee table, enormous parts, or a design featuring a bold color or pattern, are examples of focal point coffee tables. Furthermore, a coffee table with storage, such as this innovative design, allows you to exhibit some of your prized belongings while drawing attention to it.

When organizing your living room, attempt to position your coffee table within 14 inches of the sofa and figure out what size coffee table will work from there. This distance is close enough to reach for a cup of tea or a magazine without encroaching on leg room.

Furniteak Teak Root Glass Coffee Table

Our teak root coffee tables are handcrafted from tree roots that have been trimmed and hand-finished to highlight the unique forms of the wood. Each table, taken directly from nature, will differ in shape and form, giving each one a distinct and organic beauty.

All of our teak root tables are made from trees that fell naturally and were harvested legally. The shape, color, and size of this product will vary significantly from table to table due to its nature.

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