The dining table is a highly significant and well-used section of the house because it is used for everything from mid-morning coffee, kids’ homework, weekend entertainment, and evening meals.

A dining table and chair set is a piece of furniture that is quite practical, and while choosing one might not seem difficult, Furniteak offers some suggestions you should keep in mind to make the most of your purchase!

A Smaller Area

Having a smaller dining room does not preclude you from making a choice; you simply need to be more considerate about what would work best in your available space.

Credit: Bayut

Credit: Bayut

Selecting elegant charcoal pedestal legs is the best way to bring traditional sophistication to a little space in the house.

Its design is complemented by the advantage of a durable structure made to sustain regular use. This striking dining table with a sleek tempered glass top and dark oak leg will help you make a modern statement even in the smallest of spaces.

A Large Dining Area

Naturally, you want a table and chairs that can accommodate larger gatherings while also being useful for smaller groups when using them in different dining rooms or larger eating areas.

The circular dining table that we provide can comfortably seat six people and, with extension, up to ten. Its dual pedestal base and gorgeous two-toned features make it a timeless, fashionable addition that is also incredibly useful.

Style and Pur​​pose

If money is tight but you need a huge table, we suggest this Snap extensible table, which would look great in any contemporary home and be great for entertaining a larger number of people.

Credit: Spacejoy

Credit: Spacejoy

The table you choose might be a real eye-catcher in the dining room with its reclaimed timber top and distinctive denim blue color.


It is important to note that placing hot and cold items on those natural surfaces can damage them, but you can introduce coasters or trivets to prevent damage – they will add more color and character as well as be protective of those elements. Hardwood dining tables, like teak, will be extra durable and last for many years.

Glass-top dining tables are incredibly adaptable and go well with many different interior design styles. They can help lighten up a dark room or corner because they have a reflecting surface.

Furniteak Root Glass Dining Table

Glass top tables may require more cleaning than other tables, such as finger and hand prints, so consider their practicality if you have children. But it’s still worth buying because of the function and beautiful style. 

At Furniteak Teak Root Furniture, we take pride in importing teak root furniture directly from Indonesia. Our teak root furniture is dried to perfection and taken by skilled craftsmen and artists who add their unique touch, making each piece of wood art a work of art. 

REMEMBER : NO GLASS INCLUDED! Buy your own glasses since it’s too risky to ship glass overseas.

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