Having a formal dining room is a luxury in and of itself. However, with the popularity of eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks, these areas are typically underutilized and, as a result, receive little attention when it comes to decorating.

There are several simple things you can do to kick things up a notch and make your area more functional, appealing, and luxurious overall. Let’s take a seat and get started.

Credit: Brosa

Credit: Brosa

Set the Mood with Lighting

There’s a reason why a candlelit supper is synonymous with a romantic night out—the light source sets the tone for long, intimate conversations.

Similarly, a joyful brunch necessitates a light and airy setting that reflects the joyous character of the occasion. Layering lighting is the best way to ensure that your dining room is ready for any mood. Install a dimmer over the table, several lamps or sconces around it, and some candlesticks or votives.

You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to creating the mood, and it makes sense—low lighting is great for the table, but task lighting is preferable when you need to see the ingredients you’re combining into a drink.

Add a Rug

If you instantly think of spilled red wine and shake your head no, hear me out: the appropriate kind of carpet can conceal stains while also providing a more opulent, textured feel. Rugs help to anchor the space.

Without one, a table can appear to float. If a vintage rug is out of your price range, explore patterned indoor-outdoor possibilities or layering a smaller, more expensive rug over a larger natural material rug like jute.

Credit: homestratosphere

Credit: homestratosphere

Create a Tablescape

When not in use, the dining room table can appear bare. A universal tablescape, such as a giant wooden bread bowl with artichokes or a creative vase with imitation flora, quickly elevates the space’s appearance and sophistication.

Walls Decor

Consider the walls to be the ideal blank canvas for infusing personality and creating a customized atmosphere. Try molding panels, wallpaper, or even a replica fireplace mantel for a more traditional effect. 

Above a credenza, large-scale artwork looks wonderful, and an abstract motif or gallery wall can keep a dining room from becoming stuffy. Mirrors are also an excellent choice for creating the appearance that the room is larger than it is. Whatever you select, make it a topic of conversation.

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