Any table owner would find it disturbing to have a broken glass tabletop. Some tabletops are truly composed of glass, while others have a protective glass layer covering them.

Glass tabletops can break due to objects falling on them, the table tipping over, or temperature differences that cause the glass to expand and compress, ultimately leading to fracture.

Rubber bumpers or pads are commonly used on glass-topped tables to keep the top from sliding once it is secured to the frame. If yours doesn’t, maintaining that tabletop where it belongs may be a bit of a hassle when you’re using the table.

Small rubber pads or bumpers that stick to either the glass or the table itself allow you to quickly and easily correct that bothersome wandering tabletop.

Credit: Propolis

Credit: Propolis

Step 1

Lift the glass tabletop off the base and lean it against a wall so the bottom of the tabletop faces out.

Step 2

A soft, lint-free cloth should be soaked in white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Wipe the bottom side of the tabletop with a moist cloth to eliminate dust and greasy residue that may prevent the rubber bumpers or pads from adhering. 

When the glass has dried, replace it on the table with the bottom side facing up. Align the glass in proportion to the base; for example, if the table glass is spherical and larger than the table base, center the top as much as feasible.

Credit: The Spruce

Credit: The Spruce

Step 3

Peel one rubber bumper from the backing paper and adhere it to the glass in the area where the glass rests on the base, using the glass as a reference. Repeat the technique with many more bumpers, spreading them equally apart on a round tabletop.

If the base is square or rectangular, each pad runs along a flat corner of the table frame. Firmly press the pads down to ensure they adhere to the glass.

Step 4

Aligning the pads with the top of the base, turn the tabletop over and set it on top of it. If the tables is huge, uncomfortable, or heavy, ask a friend to help.

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