It doesn’t matter if you call it an entryway or a foyer; it’s the first thing people see when they walk into your home, so it has to look fantastic. This is the first impression people make of your home, and you want it to feel luxurious, distinctive, and friendly. 

Whether you have soaring ceilings and a distinct foyer area or a small corner, it is feasible to transform your space into a stunning entryway. Continue reading for our must-know strategies for elevating your doorway and amplifying the wow factor.

Credit: Enaco

Credit: Enaco

Simple But Elegant

Create an effortlessly simple and beautiful entryway that will appeal to minimalists, fans of California cool, and eclectic decor. A striking rug paired with an occasional chair draped in a sheepskin or throw is a nice way to start bringing in some color and pattern. 

A console table or bench seat provides a one-of-a-kind and utilitarian design element, and you can complete the look with a large, gigantic mirror, which is ideal for reflecting space, amplifying light, and double-checking wardrobe details on your way out the door. What is the best part? This is a look that works in both large and small places.

Grand and glitzy

A glitzy doorway welcomes friends and family in elegance. Wallpapering is a quick way to add instant richness if you have some area to work with or even a simple blank wall near the door. Make a striking fashion statement by combining patterns to create a fully confident foyer. 

Of course, minimize the usual clutter and integrate some ornamental pieces for maximum impact. As always, a bench seat, statement chair, or console is essential for defining the area. And did someone say chandelier? 

Credit: hgtvhome

Credit: hgtvhome

The Details

Designers have been telling us for years that a huge light fixture may make your area feel larger and higher. So go ahead and make an entry that will leave a lasting impression! Finishing touches, such as a wonderful rug or some artwork you adore, are essential.

All you need to finish the appearance and show off your professional design talents. Experiment with big artwork or assemble a collection for a gallery wall. For extra flare, consider painting the door a bright color.

Storage Solutions

Reclaim the space surrounding your front door by incorporating some storage for day-to-day necessities like shoes, umbrellas, and beach towels. A combination of baskets and hooks can provide an eye-catching and functional first impression in your entryway. 

In the cooler months, providing a hook for guests to hang their jackets and hats is a practical yet pleasant gesture. If you have some extra floor space, a gorgeous console with storage is another way to make a little ‘destination station’ for keys and other miscellaneous items.

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