When it comes to selecting a location for your party, indoors may appear to be the natural choice. However, don’t forget to consider shifting your meeting outside—your outdoor space is likely to be larger than your living room, plus it allows guests to catch some fresh air.

Decorating for an outdoor party can seem like a completely new ballgame. But we’ve gathered a handful of our favorite outdoor party decoration ideas, and there’s certain to be one you can pull off. Continue reading to discover your favorite.

Pair Patterns

Consider harmonizing your table linens with other aspects of your outdoor decor, such as your umbrella or outdoor furniture upholstery, to make your outdoor party stand out. Different patterns can also offer your home a different ambiance—blue stripes provide a nautical vibe, while green palms produce a tropical vibe.

Outdoor Teak Furniture (Credit: Bradley Terrace)

Outdoor Teak Furniture (Credit: Bradley Terrace)

Details Count

Just because your party is outdoors doesn’t mean decor guidelines are thrown out the window. Details matter, even outside. Add in the perfect accessories for an inviting outdoor feeling, like candles, bowls of fresh fruit, and comfortable seating. Little touches like these can really tie a space together.

Decorative Fences

Your fence is more than simply a boundary between properties; it’s also an unexpected spot to put your own stamp on things. Consider your fence to be a blank wall to be accessorized, and you’ll discover it’s a terrific place to add decor, whether for a themed 30th birthday party or ordinary outdoor life.

Keep it Low Key

Decor can be kept simple for an intimate outdoor gathering of friends. However, low-key does not imply uninteresting. For a sophisticated and easy outdoor event, use one or two outdoor lights, a couple of throw pillows, and some fine dishware.

Outdoor Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: henriliving)

Outdoor Teak Root Coffee Table (Credit: henriliving)

Big Tent

Want to throw the season’s biggest outdoor party? A tent is probably necessary unless you live in a rain-free, temperate wonderland. Tents provide shelter from inclement weather and heat, and they are also enjoyable to design. Use string lights, garlands, and plants to create a festive atmosphere in your outdoor environment.

A Water Feature

Do you have a hot tub or a pool? Make it the centerpiece of your outdoor celebration. A hot tub is good for a small gathering of friends, whilst a pool is ideal for bigger events. With close chairs for easy conversation and a few lights to set the scene, you’ve got the ideal summer party location.

Furniteak Teak Root Outdoor Table

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