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Teak Root Small Dining Table: Best Furniture For Your Tiny Space

Dining rooms are considered a luxury these days, with many people opting to eat in the kitchen or in front of the television. If you’re lucky enough to have a dining room, it’s probably modest and just used for storage.

However, a survey indicated that 36% of people would use their dining room more if they had visitors around more frequently, so how can you ensure that you’re making the most of the space?

Multiple Uses Furniture

Use your dining room twice as much if you generally lack space by adding multipurpose furnishings. A table that can double as a desk while not in use is a smart place to start (extendable tables are good for this).

Another option is to look for a coffee table that can also be used as a dining table. These pieces of furniture typically have foldable, adjustable legs that lock into place to raise the table off the ground.

Credit: The Spruce
Credit: The Spruce

Another clever substitute for dining chairs that provides a welcoming, casual atmosphere is a long storage bench. For books, soft items, or even your dining room tableware, look for a cushioned seat with hidden storage.

Minimalist Designs

Minimalist furniture does not overshadow a tiny space and provides a clean, modern appearance. Consider chairs with slim metal legs atop robust hardwood patterns or fabric-backed chairs with abstract designs and sharp lines.

You may still create a functioning dining space if your dining area is part of your kitchen. Combine a floating shelf or breakfast bar with monochromatic or neutral bar stools. If you must have a dining table, choose one with slim or tapered legs to reduce space.

A floating design is both beautiful and functional; this type of table has a distinct appearance and plenty of space underneath to store benches or chairs.

Credit: Livingetc
Credit: Livingetc

Selecting a Table

The dining table is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in the room, so make an informed decision. Because there are no corners to waste valuable space, round tables have a smaller footprint than rectangular tables of the same size.

Many individuals enjoy the informality of a round table because it allows everyone to hear each other more comfortably.

If you want a rectangle table, search for one that can be expanded as needed (round extendable tables are also available!). These tables are extremely adaptable, allowing you to accommodate last-minute visitors or a big supper with minimal effort.

Furniteak Teak Root Small Dining Table

Having a small dining room doesn’t mean you are stuck on basic design. You still be able to go with your creativity by choosing the right furniture, including your table. 

We provide :

  • Teak Root Coffee Table
  • Teak Root Console Table
  • Teak Root Dining Table
  • Custom Teak Root Coffee Table
  • Custom Teak Root Console Table

Furniteak Teak Root Furniture is a collection of Indonesian teak root furniture that is naturally durable and beautiful.

This furniture has been selected from the best teak root found in Indonesia, and cut by hand into lengths that can be accented with curves and then worked into beautiful shapes and designs.

The finishing process is what takes this natural product to a higher level, as every piece is custom finished with a high-quality wax oil to create a durable protective layer.

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