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Teak Root Sofa Table: 3 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Furniture

A sofa table can be kept behind the sofa, against the wall, or to the side for a variety of reasons. It provides extra storage space for ordinary items such as books, magazines, the TV remote, a table lamp, and so on, but it can also function as a space divider, separating the sitting area from the rest of the floor plan, which is useful in the case of many open-plan living rooms. With that in mind, let’s look at some couch table designs and decor ideas.

Narrow Table

If you need a narrow table to fit between the sofa and the wall, there’s no need to go shopping because you’ll most likely come up empty-handed. Instead, how about making your own sofa table? This one even has an outlet built in, so you can charge your electronics right away.

Credit: The Spruce
Credit: The Spruce

Existing Furniture

You can even make a sofa out of items you already have around the house, such as leftover materials from past projects and items that can be repurposed. The most straightforward approach would be to reuse an existing piece of furniture, such as a shelf unit, and give it a new design and function. That is exactly what occurred here.

Decorative Living Room

Sofa tables work particularly well in open-plan living spaces where the sofa does not face a wall. The table would serve as a separator, a buffer between the sitting area and another area, as well as helpful storage space for a variety of items, including decorations.

In a living room that shares the floor plan with other spaces, a couch table can help create a more personal ambiance. It can function as a barrier, a separator between two zones, and even aid in the creation of a more symmetrical and harmonious décor.

Credit: Freepik
Credit: Freepik

Typically, the couch table is lower than the sofa. This permits it to stay non-intrusive and, quite literally, low-profile. Furthermore, it does not have to be as lengthy as the sofa. Given the correct setting, style, and attributes, any combination can work.

If the coffee table is higher than the sofa, it can function as a bar. In fact, that’s a terrific idea for basement rooms, man caves, home theater rooms, and even normal living rooms built to make entertaining fun and easy.

Even though the sofa alone is sufficient to define the sitting area, a table behind the sofa would improve the overall layout. It might be a compact and slim table with a thin metal frame, a wooden top, and no further shelves… so that it appears lightweight and maintains an airy sense throughout the room. 

Furniteak Teak Root Sofa Table

A sofa table is the perfect piece of furniture for this living room. It fits between the sofa and the windows, creating a sort of visual separator and giving the sitting area a less exposed feeling. Its design is simple and versatile, just what a modern living room needs.

Don’t know where to buy? Furniteak can be your best option. Furniteak Furniture is a unique and exclusive product, made from teak wood that has been gathered from the wild. We take great care in selecting only the finest wood for our products, ensuring that the teak wood is dry and in good condition before being carved by hand. 

The natural grain and texture of each piece originate from its surroundings; each is therefore completely individual, making it unlike any other.

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