You probably don’t purchase a new dining table every six months if you are like the majority of us. Yours will be put to use for five to ten years. Therefore, you shouldn’t make your dining table selection in a hurry.

This dining table buying guide was created to assist you in making the best choice. By using these seven simple tips, you can choose a table that best suits your home, lifestyle, and taste. You’ll find a style that you’ll adore for many years to come.

Credit: Casual Dine

Credit: Casual Dine

Measure the Spaces

Be careful not to fall in love with a design only to have to “find out” ways to make it functional. Establish the practical space where your new dining table will fit to save time (and sorrow). Calculate the length and width of the space you have been given. Finally, subtract 80–100 cm from each dimension. Why?

Your table should have about 90 cm of room on all sides to prevent a crowded and uninviting dining area. Consider a convertible design, such as one that can change into a coffee or console table, if you have a tiny room or a location with several functions.

Create a Mock-Up

This can be useful if you have a shortlist of potential table sizes and forms but are still unsure. With magazines, measure and mark the tabletop’s dimensions on the ground. Then set the dining room chairs in a standing order.

Get a chair ready. Take a seat. Take a stroll. To obtain a sense of how you, the table, and the space will interact, use this easy-to-use method. 

Credit: Brosa

Credit: Brosa

What Will You Do With It?

Will only dinner parties and weekends be allowed to eat at the table? Your best option might be an extensible design, which is very space-saving while not in use. If your table will be used frequently and possibly double as a desk, we advise choosing a top made of a highly resilient material:

Choose ceramic that is heat- and scratch-resistant, solid wood, or glass, but go with tempered glass because it is the strongest and most scratch-resistant option. While veneer can last for many years, it should be real wood veneer and thin as well, because thick veneer can eventually start to peel.

Choose Color Wisely

Color is a crucial component in the design of a stunning home. However, the lifetime of a dining table necessitates its ability to adapt to shifting themes. Colors such as black, gray, brown, and white will never go out of style.

They’ll also serve as trustworthy backdrops to whatever trend color you’re into this season. Do you share your home with crayon-wielding children or raucous pets? Then we recommend that you avoid matt white and light woods.

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