Your dining room’s table should be the focal point, and an industrial-style table with its combination of reclaimed wood and cool steel or dark metal is a stylish and eye-catching option that complements all types of homes. But although having a striking industrial dining table is great, how should the seating be arranged around it? 

There are many various designs of dining chairs to choose from in the industrial style, which is unpretentious and laid-back and prioritizes utility over beauty. Let’s see which style works best with this classic table!

But first, you must consider the available area in your dining room; imposing dining chairs will make it appear cluttered if the space is little. A minimum of one metre around your table is ideal for placing seats and allowing guests to walk freely.

It’s also worth examining whether the dining chairs can fully tuck beneath the table when not in use, enabling space for a wooden sideboard and additional dining space storage. 

Credit: Furniture Choice

Credit: Furniture Choice

Table and Chairs

What would the dining room be without? The solution is straightforward: a table. Because the dining room’s aim is to celebrate breakfasts, lunches, and gala dinners, the table is an essential piece of furniture.

Industrial-style table tops are typically composed of reclaimed raw wood. The benefit of an old hardwood table-top is that it will not be damaged if something spills on it.

Metal is commonly used for their legs. Some have said that this piece of furniture resembles manufacturing countertops, and they are correct. After all, the industrial style originated in factories.

Wooden Floor

The first thing that comes to mind is the wooden floor in the dining room, which is not unusual. This is the most universal solution because a wooden floor will fit into any interior, so you will not have to replace the floor if you decide to change the design. 

Furthermore, it is an excellent foundation for industrial areas. It will surely bring elegance and coziness, and the fishbone shape or longboards will highlight the interior’s touch.

Credit: Woods Furniture

Credit: Woods Furniture

Raw Finish

Our attention should be drawn to raw walls, ventilation components, and pipes in an industrial-style interior, comparable to ancient factories. As a result, it is worthwhile to use brick, concrete, steel, glass, and old wood. 

If you don’t have the opportunity to highlight the natural look of the wall, consider wallpaper with a brick design. It also has a highly elegant appearance and exudes an authentic industrial charm.

Furthermore, wood should be found in industrial flats not only on the floors, but also in the living room in the shape of furniture and accessories with a rough finish.

Furniteak Teak Root Table Base

Do you like the industrial look? Do you intend to create your dining room in this stunning and modern style? Because Furniteak offers customized goods, you can discuss all of your preferences with us.

Furniteak is proud to import teak root furniture directly from Indonesia. Our teak root furniture is dried to perfection and then taken by professional artisans and artists who add their own unique touch, creating a work of art out of each piece of wood art.

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