Feng Shui is a time-tested method of arranging and balancing your home. People in today’s modern world continue to use this ancient Chinese ritual in their homes and daily lives.

Based on their birth date, which determines their Kua number, the Feng Shui practice is customized for each individual. The best positions for your furniture and objects to be placed in are indicated by your Kua number.

Depending on your opinion, you may or may not want to delve further into the intricacies of your birth date. To make things easy, there are a few Feng Shui ideas you may bear in mind when decorating your rooms.

Credit: suburbansimplicity

Credit: suburbansimplicity


Finally, your life and house should be about balance. There aren’t many sharp angles or points in the house’s design. This includes the types of plants you have in your home.

Is every leaf pointy and sharp? Is the foliage rounded or curved? This also applies to furnishings. It is stated that sharp angles and points lead to more personal disputes in your life and at home.


Every home needs to regularly declutter. You are impacted by everything around you. either positive or negative. Getting rid of stuff is based on the theory that you release energy and possibilities arise. View each space carefully. Feeling good about what’s there?

Credit: prettyeasylife

Credit: prettyeasylife


Colors have a profound impact on how we feel and act, as well as how we live. You’ll personally benefit more from particular colors. And other hues work well in particular rooms and areas of your house. 

Your office would benefit from the color gold. This represents achievement and will draw in more of the same energy. Rose is a nice color for the bedroom since it is associated with love and romance. Applying the color rose is as easy as using accessories and pictures.

The Power Position

According to Feng Shui, you should always keep an eye on who enters and leaves your life. So you should always be able to see the door. The power position is what it is called in this situation. The people you let into your life are entirely under your control. 

The same holds true for your house. If at all feasible, place your furniture in areas like the living room, office, and bedroom so you can see the door. Once you can observe the incoming flow, your mind becomes more open to new options.

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