Minimalism can be a challenging trend to follow. It’s impossible to get it wrong because there’s such a thin border between its ideals and modernism, not to mention contemporary design.

We talked to experts to get the gist of the trend and learn what it means, why it’s significant, and how it manifests itself in minimalist settings.

Credit: Stylish

Credit: Stylish

What Does It Look Like? 

Minimalist spaces appear to be elegant. They are best renowned for their basic, sculptural forms and clear lines. Interiors are uncomfortably simple, with no evidence of clutter and only a few, useful objects.

In keeping with the art movement’s emphasis on simple geometry, there are plenty of right-angles and the occasional organic form. There is an emphasis on natural light, open layouts, and workmanship, similar to Scandinavian design ideas.

Many open plan kitchen expansions now follow these concepts, with above windows and a limited color palette.

Bare Essential

To generate a sensation of freedom and relaxation, the minimalist style uses only the basic elements: light, form, and beautiful materials, usually in an open plan structure. There is no overt adornment or decoration.

Instead, the few features that are employed are simple and mix in well with the surroundings. This might be a single piece of artwork on a living room wall or a lovely vase on top of the dining room table.

Straight Lines

Minimalist furniture and accessories are designed with functionality and efficiency in mind. Flat, smooth surfaces and strong, clear lines make forceful statements that highlight the importance of each object. There will be no highly patterned or ornate ornamentation or furnishings. Instead, the emphasis is on the shape and form’s purity and simplicity.

Credit: Interior Design

Credit: Interior Design

Mix and Match Different Colors 

When employing a monochromatic color palette, introducing different colors and blending textures is an excellent approach to add warmth to the area. In the bedroom, for example, the use of linen wallpaper and soft wool materials and rugs offers a calming warmth.

Tile patterns with texture and grain can offer visual interest while maintaining a neutral color scheme in the bathroom, while wood furnishings can soften stark, white or concrete components.

Include Textiles

Textiles provide texture, complexity, and warmth to a room. Drapery, bedding, pillows, and area rugs in a variety of textures such as linen, wool, and cotton are just a few ways to give warmth and comfort to a room while preserving a minimalist aesthetic.

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