An excellent centerpiece should be more than just visually appealing. It should also be easy to put together. Why? It’s easy to get carried away with dinner party decorations, but when you’re balancing cooking, cleaning, and the responsibilities that come with everyday living, things never run as smoothly as you expect.

When something is burning in the oven, no one has time to put up a complicated centerpiece. And, when there are so many easy table decorations that look genuinely gorgeous, why bother?

We’ve gathered basic table decoration ideas that will alter your table in just a few steps. So, the next time you find yourself falling behind on your dinner party to-do list, remember that at least one item can be easily scratched off.

Credit: hgtvhome

Credit: hgtvhome

Monochromatic Pieces

Not sure where to begin with your table decorations? Consider committing to a single hue for your décor. This may appear to be a constraint, yet it is actually quite liberating. When everything is the same hue, you can mix and match different types of décor and yet end up with something coherent.

Put Your Favorite Plants

Plants are a basic way to decorate your table, but if you want to make your centerpiece feel a little more special, consider placing your plants within cloches.

Cloches are glass coverings that resemble upside-down vases, and because they were originally created to shelter plants from the cold, they won’t clash with your favorite foliage.

Credit: blesserhouse

Credit: blesserhouse

Table Runners

Table runners are a basic accent to any dining room table, but if you want to try something different, turn your table runner sideways. Allow it to run across the breadth of your table rather than the length, and use a centerpiece of your choice to tie it all together.

Matching Candlestick

Pair your candlesticks with matching taper candles and cluster them in the center of your table to make them stand out. By clustering them, you’ll create a splash of color that will catch the eye.

Nothing quite sets the tone for a meal quite like candles, and if you’re looking for a unique way to display your favorite candles, consider clustering several of them on a pretty tray.

This technique should work with almost any type of candle, but it will look most stunning if you stock up on pillar candles of varied heights.

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