If you enjoy sleek and stylish interiors and can’t get enough of the newest trends and technologies, contemporary interior design is for you!

This ever-changing style refers to current trendy designs that include open spaces, clean lines, and a combination of industrial and natural materials. So, to achieve this great look in your home, keep reading for our top contemporary interior design advice!

You can get this sought look at home with a few important pieces of style advice from our top contemporary interior designers. Check out these design ideas to get started with house renovations!

Credit: Decorilla

Credit: Decorilla


We’ve returned to the minimalist realm with “form follows function,” but this time the function can be to look attractive. With the support of technological growth, function has evolved into something inventive. As a result, the design of modern furniture and interior products is bound to be unique and imaginative.

Pop Colors

A wide range of current design styles affect contemporary interior design, and minimalism’s hues remain popular. Today’s homes are painted in soft, muted colors.

As a result, basic and beautiful color palettes serve as a backdrop for prominent elements that redefine old structures.

Display your favorite furniture finds against a gentle backdrop. As a result, use white, brown, grey, or blue for your walls. Then, add pops of color with artwork, furniture, or decor.


Art is crucial in modern house décor. Sculptural features are important in modern homes, and the lines between art and functional items are blurring.

In a contemporary home, there are art pieces  as we know and love th​​em, but also furnishings and architecture with sculptural aspects. This undoubtedly makes art as essential to contemporary style design as the roof or floor.

Credit: Decorilla

Credit: Decorilla


Sculptural lighting has become an essential component of modern home design. Exciting lighting options include huge standing lamps, intricate chandeliers, and molecular ceiling lights.

Not to mention that the appropriate lighting may make or break the design of a place. So, for optimum impact, use sculptural lighting.

Hard Surface 

Since the popularity of industrial design, designers’, architects’, and the general public’s infatuation with sleek, hard surfaces has become ingrained in modern interior design.

The plush world of cushiony materials appears to fade into the background as attention shifts to new and imaginative applications for natural stone, wood, cement, and metal. Expect to see stone or steel easy chairs that blur the line between sculptural and functional.

Furniteak Teak Root Table

We have a large selection of teak root tables at Furniteak. Whether you want a round table or a square table, we have everything you need for a comfortable and diverse dining room. Our assortment of white and black tables creates an artistic layout.

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