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Teak Root Wood Resin Furniture: Best Way to Choose Outdoor Furniture

There are numerous options available if you want to give your garden a makeover and purchase new garden furniture. However, there are numerous mistakes that can be made; here, we have revealed the five most common mistakes made while selecting patio furniture and how to avoid them.

Incorrect Measurements

You must be especially cautious when measuring your patio, decking area, or wherever you intend to place your outdoor furniture. If you don’t get it right, you can end up with garden furniture that is either too big or too small for your space.

You can avoid this error by measuring the entire area and then calculating the space for different furniture styles.

Credit: wayfair
Credit: wayfair

Choosing Only on Appearance

While appearance and aesthetics are important considerations when selecting garden furniture, they should not be the only considerations. Your garden furniture should also be functional.

You should consider style and design in your search to get something that not only looks fantastic but is also comfy and functional. For example, if you are searching for furniture for your vacation home, sun loungers may be a nice choice. However, if it is for your backyard, you may want something that can be used more frequently while still providing an element of leisure, such as a corner sofa or casual dining set.

Choose something that looks fantastic but does not match any of the color schemes in your garden, as it will not appear as well in that place. Examine the other features of your garden before selecting a decision.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Garden furniture is offered in a variety of materials, including wood, outdoor cloth, resin rattan weave, metal, and others. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so do your research before committing to one. Choosing the wrong material could result in a lot of maintenance and possible harm.​​

Credit: Rejuvenation
Credit: Rejuvenation

The three primary elements to consider when selecting a material are whether it is weatherproof, how much upkeep is necessary, and how the material looks.

Choosing Low-Cost Outdoor Furniture

It’s easy to get taken in by a good deal, but buying cheap means buying twice and paying more money in the end. The less expensive the furniture, the less likely it is to be weatherproof. 

Steel framework on rattan furniture is significantly less expensive than powder coated aluminum, steel rusts and leaves orange stains on your patio, whereas aluminum is rust proof.

Choosing garden furniture should be an interesting and enjoyable activity. If you follow our top tips, you will end up with high-quality garden furniture that will fit perfectly in your garden and look great for years to come.

Furniteak Teak Root Wood Resin Furniture

Our teak root furniture is a collection of Indonesian teak root furniture that is naturally durable and beautiful. 

This furniture has been selected from the best teak root found in Indonesia, and cut by hand into lengths that can be accented with curves and then worked into beautiful shapes and designs. 

The finishing process is what takes this natural product to a higher level, as every piece is custom finished with a high-quality wax oil to create a durable protective layer.

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