Any living room must have a console table. It’s the ideal spot for you to put your feet up, enjoy a cup of coffee, and unwind. You’re sure to find the ideal complement for your décor among our large range of traditional, modern, and minimalist console tables.

Here comes the console table. It is the most crucial component of your living room after your furniture because it serves as a place to put up your feet while also holding drinks, your remote, and reading materials. One is a need for every living room, and we’re here to help you decide which one to choose by walking you through the process.

Console Table Styling

After choosing your console table, take accessories into account. You should probably allow plenty of area in the family room where you watch TV so that you can prop up your feet and set drinks down. In these areas, a console table with a lower shelf works well since you can store trays and books there, freeing up space on top.

Credit: KDVR

Credit: KDVR

Since you want to be able to look above them, keep all accessories low. Your field of vision will be obscured by anything too tall.

Include necessities like reading material, a tissue box, coasters, a remote control box, a candle, matchbooks, or anything else that you use frequently.

Finish the Room

Just like with shape, a coffee table can be a method to introduce something different into your space because no room should have the same finish on every surface. 

A glossy or polished console table will contrast a couch’s nubby fabric or other more rustic components. Alternatively, if you want to use your living room to watch TV, pick a finish you won’t mind putting your feet on, like somewhat aged wood or an ottoman with upholstery.

Credit: Zameen

Credit: Zameen

Console Tables and Sectionals

You might approach your console table in a different way if you have a sectional. It’s likely that you won’t be resting your feet up on the console table because many sectionals have chaises on one or both ends. This increases your ability to use metal or glass tables. Here, you can also go a little smaller as there won’t be as much foot traffic and entertainment.

Furniteak Teak Tree Root Console Table

With hundreds of years of teak age, teak root furniture is unbreakable and will enhance your home’s aesthetic for all time. We exclusively offer premium teak roots in the distinctive designs and shapes of your choice.

Your teak roots won’t be owned by anyone else because they are exceptional and lovely with their own features and benefits.

We provide :

  • Teak Root Coffee Table
  • Teak Root Console Table
  • Teak Root Dining Table
  • Custom Teak Root coffee table
  • Custom Teak root console table

Any teak root furniture is available in any size, any color, and any finish upon request! Simply get in touch with us! For you, we are able to do that!

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