Traditional interior design is a classic choice that will never go out of style. It may also provide a touch of refinement to almost any interior. As a result, if you appreciate antiques and classic designs, traditional interior design may be the perfect fit for your home! So keep reading to get ideas from these four essentials of traditional home design.

Carved Details

Moldings, furnishings, and accessories… Intricate carved features abound in traditional interior design! They contribute to the heightened aesthetic of this style by adding a decorative layer to practically every piece in the room, giving it texture and character. 

Credit: Foyr

Credit: Foyr

Begin with the largest pieces to include carved features in your decor. A carved sofa or bed will be enough to make an eye-catching classic statement!

Substantial Window Treatments

Heavy lined drapes, on the other hand, are a trademark of traditional interiors, and the style is frequently completed with matching cornices or valances. 

Also, full-length drapes are always present, making the window treatment even more striking. Actually, this is a universal optical trick; a floor-to-ceiling window treatment is a tried-and-true professional approach for making the room appear taller and the space appear larger!

Traditional Interior Design Loves Curved Lines

Forget modern furniture’s clean and unfussy lines; traditional pieces are all ornate and sinuous! Traditional interiors have a distinct stately yet pleasant vibe, thanks to cabriole furniture legs, fluffy upholsteries, and swirls everywhere. So, wherever you go shopping, search for curving profiles, and you’ll notice that the decor of your room becomes more traditional with each curve you add!

Credit: Havenly

Credit: Havenly

Traditional Home Decor Patterns

Another crucial aspect of traditional interior design is the use of solid colors. In fact, printed fabrics are always used together. Stripes and flowers are obvious go-tos, but not every stripe or floral is appropriate. When selecting a pattern for a classic design, look for elements such as elegance, richness, and order.

Patterns, in addition to being visually appealing, help to bring an accent color and bind the color scheme together. Damask textiles are also a good alternative for creating an interesting tone-on-tone appearance without using too many colors in the design. 

Because, while colors are appreciated in a classic design, there will never be too many hues combined together. Begin by introducing traditional patterns into your room using cushions and blankets. If you like the outcome, you’ll move on to bigger chores like new curtains and upholstery!

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