The days of traditional floral arrangements, farmhouse décor, knitted tea cozys, and egg baskets are long gone! The look is currently trendy in interior design and works nicely for numerous home styles, so it is no longer only a look for people who live in rural areas.

This style, which is motivated by farmhouse decor and country living, is a timeless and traditional option.

Achieving a balance between old and new is essential to creating country-inspired décor. It should be traditional without becoming kitsch and contemporary without appearing overly sleek and modern.

A cozy atmosphere that celebrates the good life outside without frills and lace doilies is created by the legacy and charm of old-fashioned comfort transported into the new day.

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Light and Neutral Color Scheme

Typically, dark woods and brown tones would be used in country-style interior design. Choose light, airy colors to give your home a modern country look. These hues will help your home feel bigger and brighter. 

To create a neutral, modern backdrop against which to display your more conventional furniture pieces and accessories, you can include bleached woods, delicate tones of cream and beige, grey flooring, and light paint on the walls. To maintain a cozy, homey atmosphere in your contemporary country house, choose subdued, natural colors.


Despite the fact that the point above suggests a neutral color palette, a modern country home should include some whimsical patterns to give the room a striking and contemporary vibe. If you like floral patterns, find a unique and interesting way to use them. 

Credit: Brosa

Credit: Brosa

For example, enlarging a print can make it look more modern. You could also opt for a monochromatic pattern palette rather than vibrant colors. Geometric prints, which may be utilized on the walls, floors, or even just as decorations, are also a hot choice right now for a boho twist.

Wood Materials

Particularly if it appears old and worn, wooden furniture must to be included. Keep an eye out for windows with latticework or furniture with elaborate wood carvings since beauty is in the details. 

Designs should have timeless, traditional shapes, though more modern pieces with clean lines and a variety of materials will also look great to prevent the design from looking too dated. Try combining old and new elements, such as a traditional farmhouse table with mismatched dining chairs.

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