Teak is a well-liked wood among customers and furniture makers worldwide. To provide a continuous and replenished supply of wood, teak deforestation, which was once highly employed, is now rigorously regulated. What is it about teak that makes it so desired?

Teak Wood Root Console Table (Credit: gabrielesbrandsource)

Teak Wood Root Console Table (Credit: gabrielesbrandsource)


Teak is a tough wood. It is strong and long-lasting, withstanding extremes of heat and cold. While this makes it an ideal wood for outdoor furniture, it also means that it can be used indoors for a lifetime or longer. 

Because of its resilience, Teak is unlikely to suffer from rotting or many other ailments that might affect other woods. Using the correct teak – good quality wood with high amounts of oil and rubber – can result in stunning pieces of furniture that can withstand whatever your home throws at them.


Teak wood’s color and grain make it one of the most appealing to furniture producers and house owners. While outdoor teak furniture can be left to weather and turn an attractive silver-grey color, inside teak is frequently oiled to keep its warm golden color. 

Its robustness is a significant advantage for furniture designers, who can create a variety of pieces that would not be possible with other, softer woods, which frequently means that teak furniture has a wider range of options than many other woods.

Buy Teak Wood Root Console Table (Credit: Amazon)

Buy Teak Wood Root Console Table (Credit: Amazon)


Teak’s natural advantages, such as strength, durability, warm color, and resistance to termites and other harmful elements, make it an exceptionally flexible wood. For hundreds of years, shipbuilders preferred teak for its water-resistant characteristics and inclination not to splinter easily, and it has subsequently been used for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor furniture. 

Teak provides the versatility that many furniture producers are searching for today, from enormous dining room tables to exquisite cupboards and outdoor furniture.

Furniteak Teak Root Console Table

Our teak root console table is a sight to behold. We begin by selecting the ideal teak root ball and methodically cleaning and sanding it until it is a finished work of rustic beauty. The contrast between the naturally finished and polished portions will make this table the topic of any cabin, lodge, or home living room. This table is heavy-duty, so you’ll need some assistance moving it.

Add a glass top for a little extra oomph. We are fortunate to have several of these wonderful tables in stock and ready to go. As is common with rustic furniture, the table you receive may differ slightly from the images but will be a stunningly unique piece you’ll enjoy.

Why do you need to buy? Because it is created from the roots of old Javanese teak trees, which are widely regarded as the best timber in the world. This wood could be almost 200 years old. These are not for purchase, but rather an investment. Each piece is unique, and no two are the same.

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