Teak treatments: should it be painted, stained, varnished, or oiled? Everything you need to know about maintaining teak garden furniture.

Is it necessary to treat teak garden furniture?

Teak, unlike most woods, does not require any protective treatments such as paints, varnishes, or oiling because it is inherently oily and thus resistant to external extremes.

You might use our Teak Sealer to offer an extra layer of protection, or our Teak Protector to keep the honey-brown color of teak. Your teak garden furniture will weather to a desirable silvery-grey patina if left untreated.

Credit: curranonline

Credit: curranonline

Should I apply teak oil to my teak patio furniture?

We strongly advise against using teak oil, as well as other oils such as linseed, Tung, and Danish oils!

These oils degrade teak’s naturally produced protective oils, requiring regular applications to keep it from drying up, so once you start oiling teak garden furniture, you’ll have to keep doing so.

Teak oil is also more prone to promote mildew growth and black patches, and oiled teak will darken unevenly as it ages.

Teak can be left untreated outside, but there are a number of water-based treatments available if you choose to treat your furniture, such as teak sealers, guards, and patinizers, depending on the color you want your teak to be; either its original honey-gold color, or a weathered silvery-grey.

We cannot emphasize enough how strongly we advise against using wood oils.

Credit: Zameen

Credit: Zameen

Is it possible to paint teak wood furniture?

We do not advocate painting your teak wood furniture. Paint not only conceals the natural beauty of teak, but it also allows water to permeate the coating, causing it to flake, peel, or break. Teak’s naturally high oil content also makes paint and other finishes difficult to cling to the wood.

If you must paint your teak furniture, we recommend avoiding painting new teak, allowing it to weather for 6-8 weeks to allow the natural oils to come to the surface, and carefully preparing the wood – we recommend priming it with aluminium oxide.

How should teak wood furniture be sealed?

Our Teak Sealer Shield will help to repel water and grime from your teak wood furniture and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Teak Sealer Shield is a water-based, hardly visible wood impregnator that prevents wine, olive oil, butter, or coffee from penetrating teak. This guarantees that after a meal, your teak table can be simply washed down with a damp towel, leaving no unsightly stains.

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