Teak has always been a popular choice for outdoor furniture due to its buttery gold hue and durability. Its high quantity of naturally occurring rubber and oils acts as Mother Nature’s weatherproofing, protecting against water, rot, and insects, ensuring that your furnishings last year after year.

However, as ideal as teak is for outdoor settings, you should go into the purchasing process well-informed. Here are five things to consider before investing in teak. 


Teak furniture and decks are more expensive than other woods due to the same factors that make them popular. So think about how long you’ll be using this product. If you prefer to change the style of your outdoor furniture or plan to relocate soon after constructing a teak deck, investing in teak wood may not be the greatest investment. 

Credit: Doorflip

Credit: Doorflip

Teak, on the other hand, lasts and can appear new after many years of usage with a refinishing process, which is why teak furniture has a high resale value, so even if you move, you may be able to seal your teak furniture and recoup much of your investment.


Teak wood furniture demand has historically aided deforestation in South and Southeast Asia. This harms the environment and contributes to the exploitation of indigenous peoples. Fortunately, you have a choice these days because it is much easier to acquire teak cultivated on plantations that follow sustainable harvesting.

Weathering and Finishes

Teak finishes come in three varieties: natural/unfinished, sealed, and weathered.

Teak naturally ages to a silvery gray when exposed to the environment. This is beginning to happen to the teak furniture exhibited here, particularly on the arms. If you like this look, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your teak furniture; they’ll start to gray in a few months.

Tip: Purchase all of your unfinished teak furniture at the same time to ensure they are all the same color.

Credit: Design Trends

Credit: Design Trends

To Oil or Not to Oil 

Some vendors propose oiling teak as a preservative to help keep its color. The disadvantage is that oiling might encourage mold and mildew growth. Consider the location of the furniture while considering whether or not to oil it. The sun will not fade it as rapidly if it is in a covered or enclosed area that receives consistent shade. Indoor teak furnishings rarely fade.

Nevertheless, if exposed to direct sunlight, teak will degrade. So you’ll have to weigh the risk of mold versus the desired visual impact. If you opt to oil, you’ll need to do it once or twice a year to keep the color. Because not all oils are made equal, ask the dealer for product recommendations.

Where to Buy a High Quality Teak Root? 

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