There are some wonderful wood coffee tables available. Some use exotic wood and shapes to generate a striking effect. Others are as lovely, albeit more subtle in style.

We’ve gathered a selection of wooden coffee tables in various styles for you to consider. They may inspire you to consider how you may use something similar in your own home.

Live-edge Trio

Both beautiful and useful, this trio of live-edge coffee tables. The basic metal legs balance the ornately curled edges. Because these tables are light and strong and can be relocated to the ideal position or clustered as a dramatic centerpiece, this type of set is ideal for entertaining.

Credit: Room for Tuesday

Credit: Room for Tuesday

Rustic Tree Trunk

This coffee table was made by its creator from a single wood trunk. It may appear imposing, yet it lacks any ornamental details that would make it showy. It would fit in perfectly in a modern rustic setting or a mountain lodge. In either case, it is a focal point that will be remembered.

Marble Top Wood Table

A wood coffee table with a marble top is a good option if you want a more upscale look. This coffee table fits so many different types because it has the ideal balance of traditional and contemporary styling, making it a transitional style.

The wood base of the coffee table is delicate in design. While marble is a beautiful addition, it is too high maintenance for some settings. 

Credit: Decor Pad

Credit: Decor Pad

Small Rustic Coffee Table

Some of us desire the advantages of a coffee table while not having a huge living space. Consider a choice that is huge in style yet modest in scale. It creates the ideal position without taking up any valuable floor room for drinks, a book, and the remote. It is a win-win situation when you add in its breathtaking beauty!

Drum Coffee Table

The drum coffee table’s basic, modern design that goes with many different types has helped it grow in popularity over the past several years.

The round wooden coffee table’s natural finish goes nicely with living rooms decorated in modern, Scandinavian, or bohemian styles. Low or no legs are used on drum coffee tables. Additionally, the coffee table’s body, base, and top are all one piece for a seamless appearance.

Furniteak White Teak Root Coffee Table

Teak Root Furniture is a unique and exclusive product, made from teak wood that has been gathered from the wild. We take great care in selecting only the finest wood for our products, ensuring that the teak wood is dry and in good condition before being carved by hand.

The natural grain and texture of each piece originates from its surroundings; each is therefore completely individual, making it unlike any other.

Furniteak’s teak root furniture is a great way to furnish your home. Never before has home improvement been so simple and affordable.

With carefully chosen, top-notch teak root furniture, give your area a luxurious feel.

It is crafted by teak root craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience using teak that is gathered from trees that are hundreds of years old. Make a lasting impression on guests that come to your house. Make a WOW impression on them.

Contact us thru Email or WhatsApp and explain your need! We will make your dream come true.

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